"Make A Difference In Communities Today"


The  Citizen  Strategy  has  been  focused through  the  Dr. Veronica Jantjie Foundation (2020/554344/08) (NPO number: 248-866).

“Ultimately conservation is about people. If you don’t have sustainable development around these [wildlife] parks, then people will have no interest in them, and the parks will not survive.”
Nelson Mandela

The Foundation is dedicated in improving the quality of life for individuals in South Africa and in the continent of Africa. The Foundation acts in collaboration with the government, the private sector and education institutions to improve the quality of life for the lives of all. From the education of students in Umlazi or Soweto, to the health of a young mother in Zambia, Lusaka, we see the opportunity to change peoples lives.
Citizenship encompasses three areas:
  • Community Development 
  • Entrepreneur  Development  
  • Environmental  Education


The  Citizen  Strategy  has  been  focused through  the  Dr. Veronica Jantjie Foundation (2020/554344/08) (NPO number: 248-866).


Dr. Veronica Nompumelelo Jantjie was a very strong and committed Pan Africanist, Mother , Wife, Community Leader , Fighter, Politician and strong Activist. This strong and highly educated woman , believed that for the society to do well the community would need to rally around changing society. Born through "Royal" blood it came natural to support community projects and people. She believed that the moral compass can only be developed if you focus on the children, the informative years are the best years to teach children how to do the right things and show leadership with a guiding element conscious.


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